The WebCLI application is primarily a JavaScript app that implements a command-line console which runs in the web browser. I've written an introduction in my blog. It has it's own project hosted at SourceForge.

Why? [oh why, oh why...] Edit

  • Well initially, just for kicks. To take the micky out of web application design and GUI design. But as with most simple ideas, it had grown to have some very useful functionalities
  • Because not every able bodied person likes to point and click their way around an information set
  • It is a very fast way to provide access to server-side facilities.
  • It is an extremely easy system to extend functionality with. You never have to worry about layout, widgets, or behaviors.
  • It can be used as an accessory to fill in the functionality gaps of any kind of web-based app. ie. it could be a portlet.
  • Single entry point into multiple command-line programs running on the server - eg, the OS shell (eg. Monad), psql, sqlplus or mysql console. Naturally you would only pass through such commands under appropriate security conditions (using encrypted authentication or client-side certificates).

Features Edit

Below I've enumerated some basic features. However, one needs to realise that WebCLI is extremely extensible, and it's features are only limited by cammands that people make available to it. Writing a WebCLI command is as simple as declaring a JavaScript function.

Core Edit

  • Skinnable
  • Extensible
  • Built-in help
  • Proper exception handling
  • Session management
  • User-space variables (setting and getting)
  • Remotability (AJAX) to access server-side functionality
  • command aliasing

RSS Edit

  • News (RSS) reader
  • RSS aggregator and feed manager

Project Status Edit

This project is not ready for release to the public yet, but you can pull it from the CVS at SourceForge anyway. Most of what's there is infrastructure, nothing really useful in terms of functionality. At the moment, it has only been tested under FireFox 1.5

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