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Test Harness (in progress) Edit

The TestHarness:overview application was written specifically to test XAO based applications and the XAO class files themselves. However, the Test Harness is not limited to XAO related class files. The TestHarness application is a set of PHP scripts as well as a XUL front-end. It uses AJAX and RDF to acquire and run tests on your class files (located on the server).

Web Command-Line Interface (WebCLI) (in progress) Edit

The WebCLI project is not really a XAO sub-project but it was created by me while I wrote the Test Harness. Basically, it implements a command-line console in JavaScript that can be run inside of a web browser or a XUL appliction.

Configurator (to be built) Edit

A XUL application to create and manage XML configuration files in a comfortable GUI environment. The util/Configuration.php class can parse a correctly formatted XML configuration file and make all it's parameters available as via convenient functions or as a multi-dimensional array (structure). Once instantiated, a developer can access params from this object anywhere in their application. The underlying XML configuration file can be edited manually, or through the handy Configurator tool. Another usage might be to set up the XML file for a request map. See util/RequestMap.php (request maps can be used to implement "event handlers" for form posts (or GET requests, if you like).

Prototyper (to be built)Edit

A XUL application providing WIZARDS for the prototyping of common class types. The idea is that you specify some params in a wizard, and at the end, some source-code is generated for you which implements a standard patterin the XAO framework. IE, you want to create an entity class. You anser some questions (like, name of the base SQL table, which database(s) will be supported etc.) and then it produces the sourcecode for a class which inherits entities\_EntBase.php and sets up all the basic parameters. Optionally, it may generate source code containing an example implementation so you can cat/paste and run it. It is then easy enough to modify the file to add your own business functionality.

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