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XML Application Objects (XAO) wiki Edit

XAO (pronounced "zay-o") is a simplified, unified API for working with XML in PHP. It is designed to accelerate standards based development of object oriented web applications in PHP.

This wiki will be your primary source of information about the XAO framework. However, the project itself is hosted on Here you will be able to download XAO, discuss it, and browse the generated Api-doc.

Project Aims Edit

  • Make the framework accessible enough for the "developer in a hurry" to start building code quickly with very little learning curve to overcome.
  • Provide a standards compliant framework on which to build applications
  • Formalise structural design for application development in PHP
  • Take care of all the mundane (structural implementation) work - allowing developers to concentrate on their business objects.
  • Provide extension points for expanding framework functionality
  • Provide developers with rich information resources to support ease of use and a reduced learning curve

Project Objectives Edit

  • Standardise on XML for data processing
  • Standardise on XSLT for templating
  • Provide a library of Objects which take care of structural functionality while allowing the developer to focus on business centric OO design.
  • Employ sound OO design principle, leveraging inheritance to allow users to extend functionality, drawing on patterns such as Inversion of Control (IoC) and Separation of Concerns (SoC).
  • Provide comprehensive documentation including API docs, plus a user guide and tutorials via this wiki.

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